London based film production company FRENZY FILMS are raising finance for their next film, THE LAST MOON, a contained suspense horror film in the vein of 10 Cloverfield Lane scheduled to be filmed in the winter.

Our biz model is simple, fair, transparent, and designed to minimize risk and maximize revenue for our investors, who, for a relatively small investment will receive an OPENING TITLE MOVIE PRODUCER CREDIT, a SHARE OF EQUITY, visits to the set to meet cast & crew, and VIP tickets to red carpet screenings and associated parties at film festivals around the world.

We believe there’s a growing audience for elevated genre films like THE LAST MOON and we’re confident the film will receive professional distribution around the world. Our biz model is designed for investors with smaller amounts of money who want to be a part of the exciting journey of making an independent feature film.

Join us on the adventure, see your name in the opening title credits and walk the red carpet with the cast & crew as an accredited producer!

Read on to see how you can be part of this exciting project!