Our biz model is designed to minimize risk and maximize revenue for our investors. We do this by design, by limiting the number of characters, locations, and Special FX in our movies. Another way of keeping the budget down is that we will not allow excessive or ridiculous fees often associated with filmmaking, whether those fees be for cast, crew, equipment, post-production facilities, or executives involved.

Everyone involved in our films, both creatives and executives, will receive minimal and/or deferred fees and a share in a pool of equity and as such will be considered investors too and will be appropriately remunerated from the film’s revenue. We’ll hire cast & crew open to reducing their rates for a project they’re passionate about and they regard as an opportunity to further their own career. This will essentially make them equity participants in their own work and allow us to significantly reduce the budget, minimize the risk, and maximize the ROI potential.

With transparency in mind all revenue The Last Moon Film Ltd collects will be divided pari passu to all parties involved based on their percentage of equity held.

Further, with our unique model equity investors receive an opening title movie producer credit relevant to their level of investment, as well as Perks & Rewards. These Perks & Rewards include signed artwork by cast & crew, visits to the set, attending red carpet festival screenings as VIP guests as well attending the associated after parties with the cast and crew.

Included in our biz model there’s also an opportunity for those who cannot afford to invest in The Last Moon but would still like to be involved by being an Investor Finder.

Our biz model is simple, fair, transparent, and designed to be inclusive for all involved.

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